RF Writer Expands Capabilities to use Forms within Durable CMS

Date: 2/7/2018 Category : New Features

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Our staff is excited to share with you new features recently implemented between RF Writer and Durable CMS. If you are not familiar, Durable CMS is a Consortium Software application that allows for easy access and management of websites.

Recently we have implemented abilities to use RF Writer to create forms to be used on your websites. Everything from Contact forms, Service requests, and Registration forms can be created within RF Writer, and once your forms ready for use simply choose the options to publish the form to Durable CMS.



Once within Durable CMS select the web page and the area within the page where you wish to place the form. There has been a new icon added to the toolbar with RF Writers logo on it, hovering above reveal the name "Insert RF Writer Form" upon selecting the icon, choose the form you wish to add.



Managing your website's forms will become a breeze and can be processed by your staff the same way you currently handle other company forms.