The Great Paper Document to Digital Migration

Date: 10/5/2017 Category : Helpful Tips

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Office overhauls are in effect all over the world, and people are getting fed up with paper. There are many reasons why offices are doing away with paper, there are many to list but the primary reasons is reduced clutter, cost savings, and quick retrieval of documents.

“Would you settle for the “less paper” office? It’s not just a goal, it is a reality and offices are implementing it aggressively.” – John Capurso, Vice President of Marketing, Visioneer, Inc.

Many different migrations are commonly taking place in offices from migrating email services, to upgrading hardware and much more. No migration will be as easy as switching to digital forms. Many aspects to look at in this migration is capturing and converting your current paper documents into digital files. This commonly takes place by having users recreate a company form that’s in a digital format. Once the document has been recreated it becomes instantly accessible to anyone in the company with proper permissions to access it, no copying, no scanning, no emailing, and the created form template can be used infinite times, just simple.

Paper is a temporary medium for storing information.

Storing becomes much more simplistic. Imagine walking into your current office's filing room or possibly the file cabinets in current office, now imagine they disappeared. Any form you are looking to retrieve or file can be done easily from a computer or tablet, from anywhere internet is accessible, and you were able to do it in a matter of seconds, not only did you save money, you saved time that can be redirected towards more concerning matters.

Going digital is about unlocking growth. With how fast technology develops many of us have lived through many tech eras, adapting to newer technology has not been as difficult as some have made it out to be. In many offices that adopt digital change users have been quick to adapt as well. A great example was before the implementation of smartphones many of us were familiar with texting using a T9 format of a keyboard and since the revolution of the smartphone, many of us adapted to on-screen keyboards very quickly.

Converting to this new digital way of conducting business is a large task to take on. In order to ensure that the migration of all documents and procedures have been implemented correctly contact RF Writer, more than a software product with developers we have a team of skilled professionals that can assist in your migration. Contact us today!