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iconDocument Archiver

Document Archiver is a full document digitizing and organizing solution to handle all of your paper forms and documents.  Features include access from anywhere via cloud-based technologies, so the document you need is easily accessible from anywhere.  Files stay 100% private and secured with encrypted connections end-to-end.  Document Archiver’s advanced interface includes OCR character recognition, automatic file routing, and document tagging for easier searching.   Granular file permissions and WebDAV support allows for Document Archiver to look like an additional hard disk on your computer avoiding confusion.    By recording every edit and addition, via timestamp and user log, you will increase accountability and transparency.  With the ability to customize and create just about anything, Document Archiver will be the solution you’ve be waiting for.



iconDurable CMS

Durable CMS is a smart and intuitive way to manage your website without requiring any technical experience.  Whether just starting out with a new website, or you have years of experience editing the one you currently own, Durable CMS can streamline how you access, edit, and manage your site.  Offering web-view and HTML options, you can find and make changes instantly.  Need to advertise but don’t want to pay an additional service?  Durable CMS offers free SEO options, controls browser caches, and minimizes JavaScript/ CSS all increasing your ratings and removing the headache of simply getting your website “out there”.   



iconOne True Password

One True Password is an advanced corporate password management system allowing sharing and updating of passwords securely amongst teams.  Key features include; shared and private credentials, groups of credentials, automatic password filling, plus Firefox and Chrome extensions.

One True Password is built for teams! Office staff, IT support, project manager and design teams.  



iconSign Controller

Sign Controller is an interactive signage management solution for businesses, private entities, or academics.  Affordable and compact software packs a powerful punch with unlimited numbers of signs, dynamic, and interactive content options.  List your sale items, upcoming events, map, or class information. Display tickers, emergency alerts, or stream the local weather forecast, and update it all from anywhere you have an internet connection! Sign Controller does it all. 




Tactical Analysis and Briefing System is a scheduling, tracking, media collection, and dispatching software. It allows field service personnel to have the information they need when directed to job sites, track their time cards and materials, document the work being performed, and communicate amongst their team using TABs integrated chat features. Some key features include media (audio, video, still) capture, sorting with full chain of custody, real-time GPS tracking of all employees, job detail directions, contact info, and employee dispatch.

Tactical Analysis and Briefing System is ideal for all field service industries such as Electricians, Plumbers, Installers, Transit, and Communications.  



iconTraining & Policy

Training and Policy is an online training and policy management system promoting transparency and regulation compliance.  TAPs supports media such as audio, video, or written lessons, speeding up the onboard process or course completion considerably.   A new employee can be given a TAPs login and assigned several lessons about company procedure and protocol.  Once the course requirements are complete, your staffer will be up to date and you may refer them back to TAPs for any policy related questions.  Students will know at a glance how many courses are left to complete and the results of their quizzes thus far.  Store all your volunteer forms in one place, collect signatures, and schedule teams before the weekend event.