RF Writer hosts a number of features that will enhance the way you conduct business on a daily basis.

Learn about these amazing features below so that you may take full advantage of what RF Writer has to offer you and your business, and or project.


Form Builder

RF Writer features an easily accessible online form builder to convert existing documents or create new documents into digital forms or reports for your business or project.

Mobile App

RF Writer is being made available for Android and IOS devices, so that employees, representatives, or clients can fill, submit, and sign documents remotely.


RF Writer allows you to embed your companies logo and other information into headers and footers making documents presentable in a truly professional fashion.


Digital Reports have the capability to automatically pull information from submitted forms, allowing you to quickly and accurately access the information you are looking for.

Smarter Filing

Get organized by storing your forms digitally you will find that they are easier and quicker to find, and you won't have to worry if someone didn't put a file back after they were finished.

Global Reach

Say goodbye to waiting by the mailbox for an important document to come in the mail. Information and signed documents are available to you the moment a user has submitted them.

Time Savings & Reduced Costs

Imagine little to no time needed to organize documents, and not having to spend an obscene amount of money restocking your office with paper. Reduce the clutter and get RF Writer!


We set out to build a digital report and form writer to enhance the way we do business, and in the process created a system that was better for our planet also, by reducing dependency on paper.

Growing Every Single Day!

Thanks to our current clientele and more people like you who are signing up every day. RF Writer is quickly growing into a standard for how people share and process their forms and information.

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